#17: A brief conversation with me, myself and I!

Written by a fellow fighter, by whom I’m proud to be called friend. Thank you for this, Tanya. Sharing!

I really (and I mean REALLY) hate hats!

Four months ago today, determined not to miss the Spring season, in the middle of active treatment, I returned full time to the Garden Centre. Working is and always has been such a huge part of who I am and the reconciliation of everything from the last year been a challenge bigger than the treatment itself. A friend reminded me of the good stuff, as I read her blog about returning to a stable routine and an “old” life in an attempt to get to know the new me. I have not written about this, because I have difficulty expressing the optimism with the questions and self doubt. I am happy to be able to work however, the best I can do is share a conversation that goes through my head on an almost daily basis between my old self (OS) and new self (NS):

The only way out is up! The only way out is…

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